Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the 'real' world...?

Now here's where the constructed world of film and our (also constructed) reality become even more eerily intertwined.

Some days ago I noticed orange markers spreading up the hill in Sandy Bay. Then, as I drove through the bay towards Lyttelton, I saw a large billboard advertising a desirable rural subdivision. Someone had spray painted the billboard in opposition to the development. I felt pleased at that action and gutted about the impending development.

Yesterday, I went back to photograph the billboard. It had gone, so too the orange markers. Then the penny dropped - duh! It was all part of the filming of Kaitangata Twitch (see last post). What I thought to be the ultimate coincidence was all a fabrication. Huge relief. And yet the film points to the omnipresence and topicality of such a threat. If only undesirable land grabs could be so easily dismantled.


  1. I talked with the people controlling the road yesterday when I left your place. I gather the big sign opposite "She" is to be blown up on Friday.

    I have tried to post material here before and failed but tonight it is working ... I wonder why.

    Your blog is beautiful - thank you.

  2. Oooh - thanks Elaine for the 'blow up' info - adds to the surreality! (don't think that's a word but what the heck)