Friday, July 24, 2009

Dimensional borders...?

I love the fact that we know so much and so little. That today's acknowledged truth is tomorrow's conceptual immaturity. In a Press article yesterday, a paragraph which caught my attention:
More startling and taking the Copernican principle to its finale, our universe may not be the only one. As physicists attempt to construct a theory that unifies all the forces of nature, one theme repeatedly arises: that additional cosmic realms may be lurking in other dimensions. We could be part of the multiverse; the Big Bang might have occurred when universes outside our dimensional borders bumped into one another.
In my excitement I tore out the paragraph but not the whole article which has now gone up the chimney. The author was talking about the historical shift in our understanding of where our planet is positioned - from centre to increasing periphery. I really want to be able to visualise what a multiverse or a dimensional border might look/ feel/be like...

Timely coming on the heels of the large Fiordland earthquake.

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