Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There are major earth/roadworks happening this side of 'the hill'. Basically a shoring up the road to stop it collapsing into the abyss. It's a slightly thrilling reminder of our other-worldness. Three weeks after I moved to Governors Bay it snowed and the road was closed for four days. Of course there is always the alternative route - through Lyttelton - but I have always prefered to savour the possibility of disconnection.

Disconnection closer to home when, late yesterday afternoon, I discovered water seeping (later pouring) out of the asphalt in the road just above my house. Quite literally the road was moving. Press the asphalt with a toe and it undulated. Press harder and it wept. My view of the world shifted. Previously (and despite the roadworks on the hill, the constant slipping of clay around the harbour, the under-runners on my section) I had taken for-granted the comparative solidity of my immediate access-way. A council City-care truck straddled the road well into the night, warning lights flashing. The water was disconnected.

Now I feel thrilled and threatened simultaneously.


  1. Yikes!
    I live in Teddngton (and grew up in DH) and am over the road-slowing traffic lights.
    But this is worrying. It's been wetter already than any winter for at least the decade we've been in Teddington. Hopefully it's just a burst main- not the loess turning to mush on a majoe scale. We have had some really scary under-runners this season- the sort sheep can simply disappear down; the one's you look down and think: I can't see the bottom!
    All the best.

  2. Think it was a burst water main. The City Care guy arrived (from ChCh) just on dusk and muttered something about not knowing where the main turned off. OK this morning. But that aside, a heavy rain and it feels as though the hills are ready to slide into the harbour!! Good luck with the sheep and those under-runners!