Monday, September 7, 2009

Watercress soup and poached rhubarb

Three of us are getting together to cook collectively and try out interesting/unfamiliar recipes. Our first menu, Selected from Fleur's Place, was:

Watercress soup
Grilled salmon with Rarebit and Nicoise
Ginger-poached rhubarb

A highlight for me was the ginger-poached rhubarb (home grown) not only for its lovely flavour, but also for its visual charm! We agreed the watercress soup (watercress picked locally) was probably the least successful. Flavour was good, but it could be that we needed to blend the cress more thoroughly. A little bit like chomping on coarse grass!!


  1. You could harvest a bunny or two from here and there is plenty of stinging nettle and chickweed!! :o)

  2. Well, we could have had duckling or chook - but one of us is vegetarian! That sounds suspiciously like a invite to weed the garden!!!!