Monday, October 25, 2010


I have been disquieted by the stoush over the filming of The Hobbit, a dispute of truly theatrical and labyrinthine proportions. Whereas the media, and many commentators, have painted it as a battle between the heroes (Sir Peter Jackson and his team) and the villains (Actors’ Equity), I see a much sadder complexity. Regardless of the Australian union manipulations, I am hugely impressed by Jennifer Ward-Leyland and Robyn Malcolm’s staunch public advocacy of improved standards and conditions for New Zealand actors and a little disappointed that Jackson’s necessary kow-towing to Warner’s means that he is unwilling or unable to support their cause. A classic example, I suppose, of what happens when you get into bed with big business. Socialism versus neo-liberalism played out on the world stage. And while, in fact, all the local players may deserve hero status, a stageful of goodies doesn’t make for riveting drama.


  1. 1) Pay the locals more and save heaps on travel world-wide to duplicate our scenery
    2) There is no i in team Peter .. NZ needs to play as a team.

  2. and what breathtaking scenery you have---

    I just read about your lovely kereru pigeon---after Jane's mention of it on my blog ---and how it is vital to the survival of your forests---because it is one of the few birds able to swallow some of the larger fruits, the seeds of which need to pass through the kereru digestive system in order to germinate. Another model for the human race, being a lesson in cooperation.

  3. Pukeko! Now there's a word I want to know more about.

    But this comment is to say I'm sorry no one has taken up my challenge to follow you :-). I'll keep watching.

  4. Ah, must write about the pukeko chicks I saw the other day :-)

    PG - I am still deciphering your comment!!!

  5. When is the pukeko chicks making a show on your blog?? :o)