Sunday, January 16, 2011


A while back I ran a series of posts entitled 'Harbour Art'. These posts featured 'happened across' public pieces of decoration/whimsy/creativity that caught my eye and made me smile. It occurred to me over Christmas/New Year that I could also share some of the wonderful, creative art gifts I have received recently from young friends. Here is a selection of surprises that have given - and are giving - me great pleasure. 

Jai's diorama...
I especially like the smiley fish and octopus...
 Amber's card... (I love my buttoned jacket and fancy shoelaces!)
Matt's card... (look at my smile!!!)
Reuben's hen...(I smile every time I look at this!)
Over the years I have seen wonderful art made by children and adolescents and have mourned somewhat that in adulthood we tend to be too busy with the business of 'life' to exercise this creativity. May we all make the time to share our 'cluck luck'!!


  1. Speaking of lovely gifts . . . these are the very best kind . . . so beautiful because they are truly gifts of self . . .

  2. I love the diarama. Amber made a Xmas one at school and it was just beautiful.

  3. Looks like Clucky Luck has some eggs lined up .. watch out below. They are all neat :o)>