Sunday, April 24, 2011

Harvest festival...

I love autumn. (This is NOT a poem, just a list - though I guess a list can be a poem...)

crisp cool mornings
sunny still days
the first dew on the grass
dawn chorus
day chorus
the last of the edible summer garden 
and the promise of winter produce to come
stacking wood
sunny chrysanthemums
magpie warble
leaf turn fall and crunch
the first fire...
and the next..

As a child I loved harvest festival at church. The aisles lined with magnificent pumpkins, carrots, silver beet, potatoes ... the bounty of people's gardens.  Do churches still celebrate harvest festival in this way I wonder?


  1. Poem or not, it sings. I'd have never thought to create a post from a list of things that make the season. Love it. I'll be printing this and tacking it to my billboard.

    Thanks for posting so many beautiful photos. They take me places.

    And thanks, too, for your words on the Christmas post. I'm afraid I gave the ad shabby treatment. It was a gift, and I've since written how I came to have it. Which is what I should have done from the start.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.

    t: time lines

  2. Magpie warble! Oh, the dependable seasons and how they keep cycling through, to lift our spirits---no matter what befalls the earth---of human or natural origin---they never never fail us. Your list is poetic indeed.

    Your quinces are spectacular---as is the red jelly they make. I simply must try making quince jelly this year! The ones in my yard are smaller and greener, and I will have to get at them before the squirrels do, but it has never before occurred to me to make jelly from them. Wonder if they are the same kind as yours. Likely not. But will try it and let you know how it tastes. Right now they are teeny tiny, the spring blossoms only recently fallen.

  3. Hotties and hibernation :) my favourite. Wood splitting tomorrow mmmmmm sniff-time. I must take a pic of my chrysanthemums to show you. They are a beautiful colour. XX

  4. How on earth did you get a monarch, if it is a monarch, to land on your finger? And then to get a picture? That must have been a breathtaking moment!

  5. It is a monarch but not my finger Deb!

  6. Beautiful season and our cold air makes the leaves more spectacular. Doesn't hibernation sound appropriate when it gets cold. We have had a couple of good frosts now .. but beautiful clear days so worth it. I am on different machines at work but got Niki to send your link so will keep an eye on you again now. Take care :o)>

  7. Quite a snowfall on the mountains the other day PG. Thought it would be getting cooler out your way...

  8. Seems impossible that you are heading into winter as we head into summer---such an amazing thing that it is always spring, summer, fall, or winter somewhere---I just read a book that reflected on the joy of knowing it is always the moment of sunrise somewhere on the globe!