Friday, July 29, 2011

Roof sculpture...

I think this photo deserves a post all of its own. As the thaw set in the icy snow began its gradual descent down the roof to drop onto the deck with thumps that had us tensing up as we do with the quakes. I caught this row of incisors early morning and at about their maximum length I suspect. Must say I am very proud of this shot :-)

With the nor'west winds the snow is melting fast. Fortunate for the chooks who refused to put a foot on the white stuff. They huddled in their house and could not be tempted out by the tastiest morsels. Similarly Rosie goat who stayed in her house and waited for food to be brought to her while children tobogganed down her snowy section. The cats, on the other hand, had a ball in the snow. While the bees...

... but that is another story.


  1. Such a cool pic :) Most of our snow was gone the next day and the snowmen turned into mushy blobs.

  2. Hi ya Niki - just met with HG. Two more roos heading your way :-((

  3. Perfectly poetic----OMG----SUCH A PHOTO! Excellent word for it--incisors. You must submit it to a contest. You simply must. Everything about it---the balanced color patches of the underdeck answering the sun colored clouds in the distance---the lines of the "incisors" answering the lines of the underdeck---the silhouettes in the glare of the light in the far vs the perfect view of the incisors in the near ---the beauty and balance of the diagonal angles-- the lake and mountains and trees in the background---not a single sign or wire or post or road to distract from the beauty====and the expectant moment of time captured at the brink of the spill! Ohhhh!

    And now you've whetted my appetite for the bee story---

  4. The more I look at this photo the more I see---this time, the way the incisor tips reach to touch the clouds---perfectly lined up to the angles of the clouds and treetops---and the paradox of reaching DOWN to the clouds---often I am accused of hyperbole---but this is truly breathtaking---

  5. Oooh, I am embarrassed! 'Twas literally a 'see, run, grab camera, shoot' photo - before it all collapsed. Luck not talent. Which is probably why I am so proud of it :-)