Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More snow...

The second 'snow-to-sea-level' event in three weeks came with gale-force winds and more snow than event #1. Snow began to fall Sunday night and it was Thursday before I could get the car up my driveway. With lots of editing work on hand, the log burner crackling 24 hours a day, two feline hot water bottles and plenty of food, I was snug as a bug... only having to rug up to feed the chooks down the hill and Rosie up the road...

Rosie and friend
Snow girls
The elusive pukeko!
Front deck
Young friends planking...
...and celebrating!


  1. Lovely all around. Oh the exuberance of youth. I'll wager they didn't tarry beyond the Kodak moment! Was Rosie's friend in search of warmth? Tell Pukeko it was nice to see him again. Glad you're snug and safe.

    From Savannah's heat and sand fleas, this seems impossible!

  2. Ah, one did tarry - and for some time! I will post another photo...

    Between Rosie and friend is Rosie's daily 'treat in a plastic bag' of rolled oats, weetbix and biscuits. 'Friend' is after the food!