Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New life...

Everything is relative. There are the 'big things' - earthquakes, Rugby World Cup, elections - and there are  the very 'little things', equally worthy perhaps of attention/celebration.

Niki and Geoff got me a dozen fertilised eggs from Roger (whom I have never met). Not because I needed more hens (# currently 14) but because watching a hen sit on eggs, hatch and rear chicks is a wonderful thing of which I haven't yet tired.

I moved Amber Hen from the 'big house' laying box where she was brooding to the A-frame and put the eggs under her. And she sat ... and sat ... and sat ...  Twenty-one days with brief breaks to peck, poo and preen.



A world full of puzzlement...

... and wonder

Amber Hen is a ferociously protective mother of her five hatched chicks. My greatest delight is watching her teach them to peck. Despite the fact that she has eaten little in nearly a month, she pecks at the food and drops it, modelling the process and presenting the food for her chicks, putting their needs above hers, as do most mums.

Wonderful  :-)


  1. aw AJ, they're just beautiful. I could give each and every one a peck on their beak :> XX

  2. oh oh oh---wonderful indeed---Amber Hen's feathers are gems to be sure---and the babes, the babes---be still my heart---so, do you mean Amber Hen did not lay these eggs, but took them on as her own when you gave her the responsibility? Be still my heart again.

    Moe and I watched a globetrekker edition on New Zealand this weekend---stunning beauty---moving NZ right to the top of my list of places to visit---the Milford Track---omg----

  3. I will pass on the peck Niki (as I am unplugging the other end!!).

    Yes Debby, they're not Amber chicks. It seems that instinct to care trumps ownership!

    There are beautiful long and short walks in the South Island. I haven't done the Milford but have done the Heaphy and Abel Tasman and St James (in my youth!!!).

    Mind you I sometimes worry that NZ is presented as this amazing destination - and that visitors may be disappointed in the reality. Though I think it is special. When you come to plan a visit, Niki and I can help with suggestions of places to go :-))

  4. I'll take you up on that when the time comes---for the record, it will be very long time till the bank account allows such a trip---don't hold your breath just yet---

    I think your worries are for naught---friends return from NZ visits entranced--

  5. That is a very beautiful hen :) We have a pair of lambs (one orphan and one that was too unwell to stay with its mum). They are both feeding well now- enthusiastic suckers :) Afterwards they jump about on the lawn in a most beguiling manner. Spring!

  6. Hi Rob. Hen is looking a whole lot better now that she is eating/preening/dust-bathing. Lost one chick :-( other 4 are full of it - like the lambs :-)

  7. Time for a picture update please Jane :o}>