Thursday, December 1, 2011

Harbour Art # 7

A while back I ran an intermittent series of posts on 'Harbour Art' which involved snapping walls, letterboxes, bus shelters ... spaces that had attracted artistic attention.

Now I can bring together 'Harbour Art' with 'Life after the Quake(s)', because the children and teachers of Lyttelton Main School, with the help of 30 Enviroschool representatives from around New Zealand, have painted an awesome mural on the (pretty ugly) stone wall outside the school. The mural, designed by artist Jennifer Kenix, features a styalized harbour and the many old Lyttelton buildings that were badly damaged (and have since been demolished) in the quakes. It's a stunning work which makes me smile every time I walk up Oxford St to the Lyttelton Farmers' Market :-)))


  1. They would look neat made into a quilt.

  2. Be a heavy quilt at that !! Good on them ! :)

  3. Lovely example of hope and resilience in the aftermath of the quakes. Please say the mural wasn't damaged in the new quake we've just read about. And please say you had no damage to your properties. The news reports say no casualties except to the spirit. But oh, the spirit!