Sunday, October 14, 2012

Working from home...

The past few weeks as I have sat on the sofa working, I have been able to look out the living room window, past the frame of pendulous lavender wisteria, to two Kakabeaks (Kōwhai ngutukākā) that cover a trellis. The Kakabeak is not a long-lived plant and these two are past their used-by date, yet they have produced these glorious, jewel-like flowers that have glowed in all weathers.

Meanwhile, back at the sofa, I disappear for two minutes and my work space (with cushions for my back and feet) is immediately colonised... 


  1. Thats a neat looking flower .. are they fragrant ? Cats Kingdom :)

  2. No, not fragrant.

    Wherever I sit the cats move in...

  3. I notice you haven't left your screen open so they can write to their pals whilst you are making a cuppa :)

  4. Wouldn't put it past Tabby. Van's too thick ;-)

  5. Might be just an act for the Van Man :) Hope you get a wee break this weekend .. Monday will be a goodie to not have to go outside ... Toodles.

  6. hehehe poor Van! Most males are, though! ;)

  7. Auckland tomorrow - 90th birthday party :-)

  8. Gee Whizz Jane .. you have been to a lot of birthday parties then ! :)

  9. Merry Christmas Jane to you and all your fluffs .. Take care .. PG

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