Sunday, April 28, 2013

City art...

Yesterday I retraced my last post's inner city circuit with friend Elaine. This time it was a Saturday and there were more people about, more voices, more movement. In a CBD that has been populated mosty by demolition workers for over two years, this was such a great thing. 

C1 was buzzing, inside and out. New Regent Street, though not yet fully occupied, was busy with locals and tourists. Only in the Square were voices respectfully hushed as people looked at the Cathedral from behind the barricades.

This time around what struck me most was the wonderful art, everywhere. Nothing new - art works, installations have been a feature of the post-quake landscape almost from the very start. But here is a selection of new art works, with my two favourites first.

Made by Mel, Reuben and Sasha from Governors Bay. Love the hair!!
By Rata. I just love the elegant movement in this one
The Government Life building 'reflected'. By Mike Hewson
Reflection in the sky walk . Mike Hewson again
Not a new work this, but I couldn't resist the recent addition...
And the oversized sofa in Gloucester St being used as it should be - for fun!


  1. New Regent St if very clean and tidy now and as more shops open will be quite a busy wee walkway. As for the green seats .. sooo many people are enjoying them .. very well used .. and as for the chap on the wall with green snot .. is that Robbie Williams ? Some great artwork there too. Good shooting Tex !! :o)<

  2. Good spotting PG - could well be RW!

    I wish I could have both the children's paintings to hang at home...

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