Sunday, May 17, 2009


I've been reading James Lovelock's The vanishing face of Gaia. 

Gaia theory - that the earth and all forms of life on it constitute a living, self-regulating super organism - makes complete sense to me. However some of Lovelock's arguments are requiring a significant shift in my thinking. Chief of these is that nuclear power is the 'greenest' form of power we have. Now there's a challenge for New Zealand!

Lovelock also argues that countries in more temperate zones (like New Zealand) will become places of retreat for climate change refugees and that such countries should  be formulating criteria for immigrant selection. The implications are mind-boggling.

He is highly critical of 'green religion' and the way in which it has been captured and exploited by business, something that is a real source of unease for me. He is also - and this is more of a challenge to my thinking - critical of wind power, seeing it as an unreliable and intrusive source of energy.  

Whatever remedial action we take , we will be too late to prevent the radical transformation of our earth and its life forms.

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