Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Old School House, Charteris Bay

The mystery photo was taken inside the old school house, now sited at the edge of Orton Bradley Farm Park and adjacent to the golf course. I think it's usually locked, but earlier this year, when we were planting natives in the park, it was available for us to make hot drinks and eat our cut lunches. The framed view out the window caught my attention because I imagined the children, on a hot summer day, gazing longingly upwards and glimpsing only the sky and maybe the tops of the harbour hills!

I know that the school was moved to its present site - maybe in the 1980s? Right now I can't recall its previous location - so a challenge to myself to find out. It is a lovely wooden building - simple and spacious. The image accompanying this post shows photos above the fireplace - the lower photo presumably of the school in its original location.

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  1. Love that photo of the kids and school-teacher!
    It is a good building, and solid, too. Went to a party there once, so I should have known!
    It's been in it's current spot for over a decade, at least. But where did it come from?
    There was a school in Teddington at one stage- the Manson's and Gebbies had so many kids, they organised a schooltaecher, about 1851 (one of the first schools in Canterbury). The Gebbies are still a local family- and the school-teacher was a Blatchford- related to the local Blatchfords, who run BP Quarries.
    But I suspect there may have been a Charteris Bay schoolhouse, and that may be it. Young pines in the background aren't much help, but would fit Bradley's Estate itself.