Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Van the Man (again)

I had a childhood filled with cats and other animals but then a long feline gap until my arrival in Governors Bay. With the house in Governors Bay came the elderly and elongated Finn. After Finn came the equally elderly Sam. Followed by Twink and Star, whose owner was going into a rest home. Then, in a departure from elderly cats, came Tabby - an abandoned and feral kitten from Niki in Oxford. The latest arrival, another abandoned Oxford import - Van the Man.

Here is Van using Tabby as a footrest...

Van relaxed in front of the fire...

And Van doing cute...

I never expected to become a cat convert. I swore I would never have a cat on my bed!!!  But seven years down the track and I'm hooked and the bed is very crowded.

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  1. He's grown and looks very happy. Like your profile description and photo :o)