Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I had a conversation about conversations yesterday. We talked about the opening up and closing down of conversations. About dialogues and monologues. About questions and curiosity. I thought, nobody teaches us how to converse. We learn by example and through participation, but generally in an unreflective way. That is, we might reflect on the content of a conversation but seldom, I suspect, on the conversational process and our part in it. Yet conversation is the foundation on which relationships are built, at work, at home, face-to-face, electronically, every day...  Conversations are relational - speaking, listening, giving, taking. Yet how often do we talk at, past or beyond one another? How often do we cease to hear because we are so intent on formulating our own contribution?


  1. Quite right .. quite right .. Everybody's talking and nobody's listening. Listen with your emotions .. not just your ears.
    And those are great shots of conglomerates. :)